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Release of CSA Standard W47.2-2011

This is to advise you of some recent changes to CSA Standard W47.2 and, as your organization is currently certified or is in the process of obtaining certification to this standard by the CWB, how these changes may affect you.
The Canadian Standards Association recently advised the CWB Group that the latest edition of CSA Standard W47.2-2011 will soon be ready for release.   Like all CSA Standards, W47.2has been updated by CSA to ensure that the certification program continually improves in response to industry feedback and changes in technology.  The 2011 edition will replace the current 1987 edition.
This communication is to provide you with information related to the changes in the 2011 edition of the standard, and to advise you of the impact of these changes on your organization.
The CWB expects that the both English and French language version will be available for sale in March 2011. 
To allow for a smooth transition of existing clients to the 2011 edition, the CWB Group will begin to certify clients to this new standard effective April 4th, 2011.

Do I have to Re-certify my company?
A complete re-certification is not required; however, all certified companies must transition to the new requirements in CSA Standard W47.2-2011 to ensure continued certification.   Provided that certified companies can demonstrate compliance to the new requirements, certification to CSA Standard W47.2 will continue uninterrupted. 
All clients currently certified to the 1987 edition will have to demonstrate compliance to the new requirements of the 2011 edition prior to July 4th, 2012.   Non-conformance reports will not be issued to certified clients related to new 2011 requirements until April 4th, 2012.
This permits a 15 month period for all clients to be implementing any changes required to comply with the 2011 edition.  The CWB will guide clients through this transition, and document any changes required as part of our regular audits.
Letters of Validation will not be reissued as they currently do not make reference to the year of the certification standard.
Operational Control Procedure- Applicable Only to Companies Seeking Certification to CSA W47.2
The most significant change in the 2011 edition of CSA W47.2 is the addition of the requirement for an Operational Control Procedure.    All certified clients should review this new requirement to ensure that they can demonstrate compliance.
This procedure must be implemented and documented for each project.  The procedure must contain as a minimum the following information:
1. Base Material
2. Filler Material
3. Requirements for WPDS’s
4. Preweld Checklist
5. Post Weld Visual Inspection
A sample “ALUMINUM OPERATION CONTROL DOCUMENT” is included in W47.2-2011, however this format is not mandatory.
Your organization may already have processes in place to comply with these requirements.  Please refer to the attached document for a more detailed description and suggestions of how certified companies may comply with this requirement.
The CWB is here to help you as you comply with this new requirement; please contact us should you have any questions.
Click here for more information.
What if I am currently in "applicant" status, and not yet certified?
The new requirements may impact your application for certification to CSA Standard W47.2.  Once the standard is in force in April 2011, you will have to comply with all requirements of the 2011 edition.  Your CWB Representative will continue to work with you to help you achieve certification for your organization. 
Will the change in standard impact my Annual Fees?
No, the release of the 2011 edition will have no impact on your annual fees.
Do I have to purchase a copy of the 2011 edition to maintain my certification?
There is no requirement for existing clients to purchase the new version of the standard to maintain your certification.  However, we strongly encourage our clients to purchase a copy of the new edition to both be familiar with the changes and to take full advantage of some of the changes to both welder and procedure testing options.
To pre-order or purchase a copy of the new standard, contact the CWB Group at 1-800-844-6790.  The price of the standard is $190 + taxes.   Shipment of the new standard is expected in March 2011.  Pre-orders can be made at any time.
Do I have to retest my welders?
No, there is no requirement to retest any welding personnel (tack welders, welders, and operators).  Current qualifications will continue to be valid until the expiry date shown.
However, any new welders, or welders completing upgrading and/or check testing after April 4th, 2011 will be tested to the CSA W47.2-2011 requirements.
Do I have to resubmit my welding procedures?
No, there is no requirement to resubmit any welding procedure documentation (WPS and WPDS).  All currently accepted documentation will continue to be considered accepted.
However, new welding procedure documentation submitted after April 4th, 2011 should make reference the 2011 edition of the standard.
Also note that a "Welding Engineering Standard" (WES) is no longer required documentation under CSA Standard W47.2-2011.  However, clients with a CWB accepted WES in place need not withdraw these documents and may continue to use them as they deem appropriate. 
I'm a Qualified Welding Supervisor / Welding Engineer.  Do I have to rewrite my "code" examinations?
No, currently accepted Welding Supervisors and Welding Engineers will not be required to rewrite examinations on CSA Standard W47.2-11. 
Welding Supervisors and Welding Engineers seeking qualification will be examined to the 2011 edition beginning April 4th, 2011.  Examinations completed prior to this date will continue to be done to the 1987 edition of the standard.
Welding Engineers should note that there are no longer 2 separate engineering roles defined in the standard.  The previous "Engineer for Welding Design" and "Engineer for Welding Procedures & Practice" have been replaced by a single "Welding Engineer", similar to the approach in CSA Standard W47.1 for steel certification.
Engineers currently accepted as the "Engineer for Welding Procedures & Practice" under CSA Standard W47.2-1987 will be considered accepted as the "Welding Engineer" under CSA W47.1-2011.  The role of "Engineer for Welding Design" is no longer covered or required by CSA W47.2.
Training Courses
All Welding Supervisor Courses attended after April 4th, 2011 will make reference to the 2011 edition of CSA Standard W47.2. 
Welding Supervisor "Study Guides" for the 2011 edition of CSA Standard W47.2 will be available for sale effective April 4th, 2011.
Changes in the 2011 Edition
In addition to the new "Operational Control Procedure" noted above, there are many other changes to CSA Standard W47.2. 
Please click here for an overview of the technical changes to the 2011 edition of the standard.

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