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IIW Diplomas

Our growing global market recognizes the importance of a comprehensive and structured system for the accreditation of welding personnel that is accepted in over 50 countries participating in the scheme. The world is harmonizing standards and the IIW diplomas will be the international minimum used by most countries around the world.

The CWB is the Authorized National Body (ANB) for the International Institute of Welding (IIW) in Canada and is issuing diplomas to welding professionals at four levels:
o International Welding Engineer
o International Welding Technologist
o International Welding Specialist
o International Welding Practitioner

Transition Arrangements
The CWB is currently accepting candidates for the above diplomas under the IIW approved Canadian Transition Arrangements. Only applications from Candidates who are fully qualified to meet the Transition Arrangements prior to July 2004 will be accepted. Click here to download a PDF document of Transition Arrangements.

Access Conditions
The access conditions are the prerequisite education, training and/or experience required for entry into an approved course of study leading to the award of an IIW diploma.

There are three distinct routes to gaining the qualification.
1. The Standard Route
2. The Alternative Route
3. Distance Learning Programs
Click here to download a PDF document of Access Conditions.

The Standard Route
The Standard Route requires attendance at IIW approved training courses designed to meet all the requirements in IIW syllabus. This is the route recommended by IIW as offering the fastest, most comprehensive manner in which the syllabus may be covered.
At present the only Authorized Training Body (ATB) that is accredited in Canada is Northern College in Kirkland Lake, Ontario. They are approved for delivery of the training program for International Welding Technologists. For more information on the ATB click here.

The Standard Route also allows for a limited amount of prior learning to be taken into account, for example during University or College courses.

Written and oral examinations maybe required for the award of the IIW diploma.

The Alternative Route
The Alternative Route allows those who have gained the knowledge of the full IIW syllabus and who can demonstrate their capability in all respects, to proceed to examination without compulsory attendance at an ANB approved Training Course.

Distance Learning Programs
There are currently no Canadian distance learning programs approved for any of the IIW diplomas.

Click here to download an application form

Access conditions are provided below for all four categories.

For more information contact the CWB at 1-800-844-6790 or at

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